1 million impact women

What if 1 million women social entrepreneurs connected to learn, lead and change the course of the world, by 2020?

"Impact Women" is a network of women like you who are having a positive influence on people and planet, and change people's world, through social enterprise.

If you are a woman social entrepreneur, at early or growth stage, and/or a female angel to women social entrepreneurs, please put yourself and your venture on the map, and start connecting with your peers.


social business in sustainable fashion

Bello & Eco is a social business. Here you can find more information about what a social business is.

Why did we decide to follow that option? After being a lecturer on Sustainable Business & Ethics for a few years, having seen the great potential of a business to achieve more than financial revenue , my family and I decided to take action. We wanted to contribute to social change for good, to offer an organic and fair alternative in the fashion industry.

Yes, we believe in entrepeneurship, in hard work, in the mission and vision of an entrepeneur. In our case, that is sustainable fashion. Fashion that is organic, does not pollute, takes care of the Earth and of people. Fashion that is made fairly.

We believe that business for good is possible, that keeps us going everyday and most importantly, it feels good! It is so satisfying to see people wearing our clothes having the feeling that they have done something good for the world,

Our whole supply chain is also social driven, we are part of a sustainable community in which sharing is part of the deal. Sharing for good, to minimize costs, expenses , logistics and avoid abusing the Earth resources, which are already quite depleted.

So, we say a big YESSS! to social businesses as Yunus' proposed many years ago. #ImpactWomen

graduation project at jan des Bouvrie academy

Today we had a very nice and interesting meeting with  Myrna Ellenbroek , a last year student at Saxion University in Deventer.  She intends to create  open ateliers for sustainable fashion designers in which the whole production process can be done including the sales of the items. It's a very tough challenge, I believe. However, her mission is to end up creating a more transparent fashion world.


Since  Bello & Eco is a social enterprise, it is extremely important for us to interact with the young generations, students and graduates so that sustainability becomes  more and more  important  in the textile industry as well as in  modern society.


Thank you, Myrna. All the best in your upcoming project!


social entrepreneurs by hart

Women everywhere in the world are at the core of society, with their strength and ingenuity they are the backbone for change and for a better world. The young woman in this video, runs along with her family, a fantastic sustainable fashion social business in Cuzco, Peru. They use sheep's or alpaca wool, her gadgets are simple but efficient, the dye of the wool is 100% natural ( a mix of herbs, plants, flowers, insects and lemon juice ), and the making of the garment is done by hand. You can see in this video the whole transparent process of making beautiful garments. This is what fashion should be, good for the customer, for the business and for the planet. Do you agree? #ImpactWomen